🍃 What do you mean "observer?" 👀

To put it simply, observer is my shorthand for “observational artist.” In a lot of my personal work, you might notice images of nature, flowers, trash, signage, grafitti, as well as statements about looking, listening, researching, learning, etc. I approach a lot of my personal work as a sort of messy scrapbooking exercise. I am constantly noting things I observe around me by either writing about them or taking photos. This act of collecting often finds itself getting translated through my personal work.
Why not just say artist? Well, I don’t really consider myself a “capital A” Artist in whatever sense that means. Maybe it’s imposter syndrome, maybe I just don’t feel like I deserve the title. On the other hand, I don’t consider the commercial practice of graphic design to be art, either. So therein lies the dichotomy of presenting myself. I don’t personally relate to my commercial design work, so I would like people to be aware of my personal artwork as an equal part of my outward expression. So I came up with this title as a response to the anxiety of using the word “artist” to describe myself.

Below you’ll find an interactive version of my Are.na channel, “observations” which compiles various selects from my camera roll. This is my frame of view, these are the things I look at out in the world and admire, for whatever reason. It’s not interesting at all, and that’s the point. I think there’s magic in the mundane.

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