Jason Combs is a graphic designer in Chicago, Illinois. ☁︎

He is currently a senior brand designer at Medium, operating a small risograph studio called Counterpart, taking photos of his surroundings, and making silly little drawings.

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Year in Music 2023

Top 20 Albums, 2023

Webflow Conf 2022

Brand design, creative direction, environmental design, motion design, and music production

Created with love and collaboration with the Webflow brand team:
Jessica Lopez, Rese Wynn, Patrick Szot, Richelle Rolli, Nam Cu, Jess Rosenberg, Corey Moen, Jenna Simmons, Johnnie Gomez Alzaga, Mike Birkey, Maria Gonzalez, Bianca Lindner, Kate Marshall, Hannah Herman, Jessie Freeman, and Kyle Benson

Year in Music 2022

Top 20 Albums, Illustration, 2022

“Little Hat Man Adventures (Bōshi Boy no Densetsu)”

For My Famicase Exhibition 2023

Poster for Dianna

Flyer design for Dianna Settles’s debut NYC solo exhibition, 2022

JPG Logo Design

For JPG, 2022

“Oblique Summer”

Collage, 2022

“Year in Music 2021”

Top 20 albums of 2021 + Honorable Mentions, 2021

Reflection Garden

Logo design, 2021

“Goodbye Atlanta”

Poster (for when we moved to Chicago), 2021